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Our goal is to enable everyone worldwide to express their creativity in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. With our global production network, we are empowering entrepreneurs to market their products globally in minutes, with minimal risk. Sustainability and creative expression hand in hand, that's our vision at Superfriday.

Sustainability At SuperFriday

'Eco-Friendly' often conveys varied meanings, creating confusion for consumers. At SuperFriday, we interpret it as products made from fully biodegradable or recycled materials. Currently, 30% of our product range adheres to this standard, offering a clear measure for our future growth and commitment to expand our eco-friendly offerings.

Our perks

Local Fulfillment Sites

Relocating our production processes nearer to our customers greatly diminishes transportation-related carbon emissions. We firmly believe that minimizing our carbon footprint involves more than just creating eco-friendly products; it's also about reducing global shipping distances. Our initiative to establish local factories aims to fulfill orders from the closest location to our customers. With five sites across four continents (UK, US, AU), we're not just reducing delivery times, but also contributing to local employment opportunities. And we're not stopping here; our plan is to continue expanding our global presence.

Local Shipping

By localizing manufacturing, we significantly cut down on emissions from transportation, effectively shrinking our carbon footprint. At Superfriday, we believe that it's not just about creating eco-friendly products, but also about smart, efficient distribution. We're committed to sustainability, right down to the last mile delivery.

Print On Demand

At SuperFriday, each item on our marketplace is created uniquely for you - it springs to life only when you place an order. No mass-produced goods, no overstocked warehouses, just on-demand creativity that is as distinctive as your inspiration.

Water Based Inks

Our commitment to the environment extends to our choice of printing materials. Most of our products are printed using water-based inks. This innovative process eliminates the need for water drainage, thereby preventing water pollution during manufacturing. Moreover, our advanced machinery ensures precise application, preventing excessive ink usage and waste. At Superfriday, we strive for clean, eco-conscious production at every stage.

Recycled Packages

At SuperFridays, we offer varied solutions tailored to unique needs, all the while ensuring a decrease in our environmental footprint. Our packaging predominantly utilizes recycled and recyclable cardboard. Any other packaging materials we employ - be it glass, metal, card, or paper - are also reusable after processing. Our pursuit for environmental sustainability doesn't stop there; we're constantly on the lookout for innovative biodegradable materials and technologies that help lessen our planet's burden.

Sustainable Materials

We've embraced the use of recycled polyester, sourced from water bottles and other recyclable materials from across the globe. These are broken down, cleaned, and converted into functional fibers and fabrics. Beyond the fabric itself, our commitment extends to using recycled thread.

Beyond just the fabric, we also source recycled thread, pushing our boundaries to offer the highest possible percentage of recycled material in our products. 1. Sustainability Reimagined: Our thread is made entirely from 100% recycled PET bottles, a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility. 2. GRS Certification: This certification is proof of our dedication to sustainable practices, ensuring our products meet global recycled standards. 3. Performance and Aesthetics: Our thread doesn't just champion sustainability, but also excels in sewing performance, ensuring your products are beautifully crafted. 4. Durability: With excellent abrasion resistance and strength, our thread guarantees longevity and resilience in all our products. 5. Textile Appearance: Despite its recycled origins, our thread maintains an unbeatable, top-tier textile appearance, proof that sustainability and style can indeed co-exist.


When we surveyed our print client group, a significant 83% of you highlighted the need for sustainability in your brand. We've heard your calls, and we want you to know that your voice matters. Your aspirations towards sustainability are crucial to us, our team, and, of course, our planet. We're dedicated to helping you transform into an eco-friendly business by taking practical steps. That said, we recognize we still have room for growth and continuous efforts towards sustainable development. At SuperFridays, we have a roadmap in place to refine our production processes and enrich our catalogue with more environmentally friendly products. Because together, we can make a difference for a greener future.

For That Reason

Did you know a staggering 85% of all textiles in the fashion industry end up discarded? The immediate pollution this creates is simply unsustainable. Moreover, one in every five pieces of clothing ends up in a landfill, with most items worn only once. There's no magic wand that can instantly fix the sustainability problem in fashion production, but that doesn't mean industry players should sit idle. Here at SuperFridays, we're driven to effect a positive change and are making meaningful strides towards sustainable development. We refrain from making promises we can't fulfill. Instead, our strategy hinges on pragmatic choices guided by thorough research and data. We might not have all the answers yet, but we're dedicated to finding them.