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How does SF Platform Work?

Transparent Pricing Stratergy

A table showing SF platform pricing stratergy breakdown for DTG Tee

Base Fulfillment£8.50
Additional Packaging and Shipping£1.00
Commission Payout£3.50
Platform Running Costs
Finance Charge (Stripe)£1.20
Marketing Cost£1.00
Server and AI Running Costs£1.00
SF Admin Cost£0.3
Total Costs

We carefully choose fulfillers around the globe, we guarantee ethical and sustainable resourcing, we require ISO-qualified and audited fulfillers, we aim to choose fulfillers near end customers to reduce shipping cost and time

Packing And Shipping Contributions

We aim to offer our customers a clear and transparent shipping price. To accommodate a fixed initial shipping cost, we absorb the packaging and shipping expenses at our end. This is a standard fee incorporated to cover packaging and shipping costs for additional items, which is integrated into the retail price. This charge is calculated base on the weight of the product.

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We proudly offer the most competitive commission percentages in the Print-On-Demand industry.

Finance Charge

(SF absorb part of the monthly connect account cost)

Our charges are broken down as follows:

A 2.5% fee for Visa card transactions, a 2.5% payment processing fee for Connect accounts, a 20p per transaction fee for Connect accounts, and a monthly Connect account maintenance fee of £2.

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Marketing Cost

We guarantee that £1 from each sale is dedicated to our marketing fund. It's imperative that we actively contribute towards our marketing budget to increase platform traffic. This strategic investment amplifies the reach of YOUR artwork, exposing it to a broader audience.

Server And AI Running Cost

We stand unique in the industry by offering an UNLIMITED AI image generator, reflecting our commitment to enabling everyone - not just professional artists - to transform their imaginations into reality. This service is not a revenue stream for us, but rather a part of our mission. We also guarantee rapid generation times and assure an ad-free experience on our platform.

SF Admin Charge

These are the only charges we implement, which are essential to fund the human expertise necessary for the careful selection of artworks and for maintaining stringent control over our full AI automation system.

What happens when you buy your own artwork?

You will pay

You only pay the fulfilment related cost of £7.5 = Fulfillment £6.5 + Packing and shipping contribution £1

Artist Commission £3.5 + Finance Charge (Stripe) £1.2 + Marketing Cost £1 + Server & AI Running cost £1 + SF Admin charge £0.30

Artist Commission £3.5 + Finance Charge (Stripe) £1.2 + Marketing Cost £1 + Server & AI Running cost £1 + SF Admin charge £0.30

When you purchase your own artwork, for instance, a t-shirt with your original design, all standard costs—artist commission, finance charges, marketing expenses, server AI maintenance, and SF administrative fees—are dismissed. You are simply required to pay a nominal fee of £7.5 for your custom-designed t-shirt.

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