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Designing & Selling

Getting Started

How do I get started on SuperFriday?

Are you an independent artist looking to sell your designs on the SuperFriday marketplace? Here's a guide on how to get started:

  • Set up your own online shop by creating a free account on SuperFriday.
  • Upload your designs and our fulfillment centers will take care of processing orders and delivering them to your buyers.
  • Click on the button below to create your account and start selling on SuperFriday.
  • It's that easy! Come back to learn more about setting up your shop and getting paid on SuperFriday

How do I set up an Artist Account?

If you're an artist looking to sell your artwork on the SuperFriday marketplace, here are the three easy steps to get started:

  • To confirm your account, you can link it to your Google, email, or Facebook account.
  • Go to account setting > Seller, to set up your STRIPE connect account, so you can get paid for your sales.
  • Upload at least five designs to your shop.

Please note that it may take up to five business days for your shop to become visible to the public. You can use this time to customize your profile and make it stand out!

To sign up for a free Artist Account, simply choose a username and confirm that you're over 16 years old. If you already have a Shopper Account, you can easily switch to an Artist Account by updating your payment details.

Before you can start selling, make sure to verify your email address by clicking the confirmation link sent to your inbox. If you didn't receive the email, you can go to your Edit Payment Details page and click 'Resend confirmation' after double-checking that your email address is correct.

Once you've completed the registration process, you should receive a confirmation email shortly. If you don't see the email in your inbox within 1-2 minutes, please check your Junk or Spam folders.

Please note that if you've entered an incorrect email address or can't receive the confirmation email for any reason, you'll need to create a new account with a correct or new email address. Since each email address can only be connected to one account, you'll also need to choose a new username for your new account."

Payment options

To finish setting up your account, please go to theAccount Setting > Seller > Create Connect Account. From there, follow the step by step guild from stripe (a 3rd secure payment gatway provider) to complete set up connect account. You will have to choose 1. Country 2. Type of Business 3. Verify your personal detail 4. This is the important part, you will have to choose your payout currentcy first and then choose country, for example, you have to choose USD first then choose United State. This depends on where you run your business.

To understand how Stripe charges SuperFriday on express accounts.

Click here for more information on Stripe

Why my artwork is not appearing in my shop?

If your work isn't showing up in your shop, it's possible that there may be a delay in the system. It may take up to 2 hours for new uploads to appear on your shop. Additionally, make sure that you have confirmed your account and set up your payment method so that others can start buying your products. If you have completed these steps and your work still isn't showing up, please contact our customer support team for assistance.