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Receving a gift

Where is my gift?

We recommend that you ask the gift sender to check the order status for you. By clicking the button below, the sender can access details such as the estimated delivery date, tracking information (if available), and which items have been shipped. However, if you don't mind knowing the gift details beforehand, you can check the order status yourself using the order number and the sender's email address.

Can I change the address if I am receiving a gift?

If you notice an error in the shipping address, please reach out to the gift sender to request a change. Only the sender can request an address change through their confirmation email."

Is it possible to return or exchange a gift?

If the gift you received is the wrong size or you would like to exchange it for a different color or style, or if you're simply not satisfied with it, please ask the gift sender to submit an Exchange or Return request through the buttons below. Please note that Exchange and Return requests can only be made from the email address used to purchase the order.